Careers at Canadian Office of Derivative Trading

The Canadian Office of Derivative Trading is a government organization that is focused to the promotion and maintenance of financial security and stability of the Canada. We are given the full responsibility to:

  • Implement effective regulation and supervision of all financial institutions within its jurisdiction
  • Manage its local currency
  • Provide assistance and advice to the Government of the Canada on financial matters

We are proud of our team of highly trained professionals who operate in a most vibrant global business environment that is responsive to the demands of the international marketplace but has also retained the collaborative spirit of being unique in the truest sense of patriotism. We are firmly committed to training and development and offers excellent internal and external developmental opportunities. This commitment is supported by a comprehensive learning and development sponsorship policy, which is designed to encourage all staff to develop their knowledge, skills and expertise to the highest level possible.

We are an organization that provides unique and meaningful career opportunities that contribute to the maintenance of the most vibrant sector of country’s economy. Canadian Office of Derivative Trading is growing its business and has employment opportunities for experienced and graduate level candidates with attractive flexible benefits package, which reflects its support for “work-life balance”.

Because our role involves regulation, supervision, inspection and incorporation of companies, as well as currency operation, there is a wide variety of professions at the Canadian Office of Derivative Trading, including:

  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Auditors
  • Researchers
  • Actuaries
  • Human Resource Specialist
  • Financial Controllers
  • IT Specialists
  • Communications / Public Relations Specialists

Applicants interested in being considered for roles within the Canadian Office of Derivative Trading should submit their CV to along with a completed application form. For free application forms email us at We will immediately send you a free application form as soon as we get a request for application form from you.