The Complaints Management Process

The Complaints Department of the Canadian Office of Derivative Trading ( CODT) looks into complaints of improper conduct and other irregularities in the securities and futures markets to assess whether they disclose offences under the securities laws.

The CODT welcomes all types of complaints related to the capital market and its participants. These complaints sometimes do assist in alerting the CODT to irregular activities occurring in the capital market or new trends involving investment scams for public money.

Upon assessing the complaint, if it is found that the complaint is in relation to a non securities law breach, the CODT will refer the matter to the appropriate agency/ agencies for further action and the complainant will be informed of the referral.

The Complaints Department will ensure that the complainant will receive an acknowledgement within 2 business days of receipt. If the complaint does not require a full fledged investigation by the CODT, the Complaints Department will endeavour to resolve the matter within 15 business days. For complaints that require more time to be resolved due to the complexity of the case, the complainant will be notified of the status of the case every three months until the issues arising from the complaint are addressed.

All information and findings in respect to an investigation carried out by the CODT are confidential pursuant to section 148 of the Canadian Office of Derivative Trading Act 1993 and therefore cannot be revealed. The CODT maintains that each case will be treated in utmost confidence and that the identity of the complainant will be kept confidential at all times.