The Licensing Process

Under the Capital Markets and Services Act 2007 (CMSA), anyone wishes to carry out capital market activities (unless a registered person) is required to be appropriately licensed. The Canadian Office of Derivative Trading (CODT) is the sole licensing authority that licences capital market intermediaries engaged in regulated activities.

Under the CMSA single licensing regime, capital market intermediaries provided that they are fit and proper is issued with only one licence that will enable them to carry on one or more regulated activity.

The CODT is entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring an efficient and transparent licensing process and that the licensed intermediaries and its representatives are competent and professional in providing their services. Certified as an ISO 9001:2000 department, the CODT's Licensing Department undertakes the assessment of licence applications under its preview, which is conducted within the time frame stipulated in accordance with its ISO performance standards.

There are two main types of licensing applications, namely-

  • New and renewal of Capital Markets Services Licence (CMSL)
  • New and renewal of Capital Markets Services Representative's Licence (CMSRL)

The process of assessment involving these applications is shown ( pdf). Renewal of CMS and CMSR licences is done electronically via the Electronic Licensing Application System (ELA). Access to the ELA system is provided only to licensed CMSL holders.

Licensing Application Kits are available on the CODT's website. For applications to be assessed and approved in accordance with the CODT's client charter, they must be complete and meet the requirements of the Licensing handbook. The CODT monitors licensees' continuous compliance with the provisions of the securities laws, licensing requirements and conditions.

Client Charter

Type of Application
Renewal of CMSL
New and renewal of CMSRL